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Chapter 3

Writer:: This is where Dougie has a Gig in the cafe where Gabrielle works. 

Chapter 3.
Tonight was gig night. I thought of Gabi and I stared at the TV. Danny threw things at my head and I didn’t notice. Tom gave me a slap on my head and I returned to the earth again.
“Hey Tom, when did you arrive?” I asked and I took a look around. Harry was lying on the couch and I was sitting on the sink. I felt like a child again and smiled childish.
“I never left the room. You do know you’re sitting on the sink, don’t you?” and this made me realize I’m turning seventeen in a week or two. I sighed and got of the sink. I tripped over my shoe-strings and fell. The boys laughed and soon I got on my feet again.
“Where’s your head Dougie?” Harry asked, but I didn’t answer. I started dreaming again and stared at Danny, who stood next to me.
Tom poked me in my side and I woke up again.
“If you’re into Danny, you just can tell us that. No secrets.” He smirked and Danny gave me a wink. I blushed and plumped on the other couch, the one without a lying Harry.
“I’m not into Danny, but I can’t stop thinking about Gabrielle. I can stand it that’s she is mad at me. We never had fights like this one. Did we change that much?” I thought out loud. I fiddled with the strings from my sweater and sighed.
Tom stroked his hand through my hair and I smiled. They knew it was hard for me, being the youngest.
“Maybe you did. Dougie, there can happen a lot in just one year.” Tom said and I agreed. I mean, every girl out there loved us. Well, almost every girl. Deep inside I knew he was right about everything and somewhere deeper than deep I knew we’ll be friends again someday.
“When does that gig start?” Danny asked, for the third time this day. Harry sighed and muttered something like ‘Seven thirty’. 
I smiled and started fiddling again. This time Harry poked me.
“Stop it! Are you nervous or something?” he asked and I blushed.
“Why on earth are you nervous?” Danny asked, now everyone looked at me. I blushed a little more and now my head was red.
“Gab.” I whispered soft. Danny didn’t heard it and so did Harry and Tom.
“What?” Harry asked and my red was even redder.
“Gabrielle.” I said a bit louder now. And before I knew the boys laughed a bit.
“Dude, you’re nervous because of her?” Danny asked and he continued. “I don’t understand.”
Tom stopped laughing and I could hear him think. He wanted to come with a solution, like he always does. But this time he didn’t say a thing.
“Well Dougie. You’re afraid of her, she’s mad at you and you don’t know why. You’re afraid to fail on stage. She’s never seen you perform and she makes you nervous.” Harry said. I was shocked. Harry came with the solution and not Tom. Well, this solution sucked but it was kinda true. I was afraid of Gabi and I couldn’t change that feeling. She always said she hated boy bands and she would be ashamed when someone caught her at our gig.
“You worry too much. Let it go!” Danny said and I shook my head.
“I can’t let it go. She was my friend, my best-friend.” I said softly and I started fiddling again. They let me and they watched the time. Six fifteen.
“Boys, we need to go.” Tom said and we were on the move.
My mom started nagging again. She went crazy when I told her I wasn’t working tonight. I had a shift but I was going to call in sick. She yelled at me and said something about loyalty.
“Mom, you don’t understand! McFly is performing tonight! McFly!” I said, with an emotionless face. I wanted to yell, scream and throw things at her, but I didn’t. I stayed calm.
“They seem to be really good. And I need to go! I need to talk to Fletcher, you know him. He’s their manager. And you’re coming as well.” she said and I was forced to come. A little voice in my head said something about loyalty too. About loyalty to Dougie. After all, he still was a friend. And I promised him to come. I walked to my closet and changed clothes. My black jeans and a white top. I searched for my vest when my mother walked in. She was holding a pair of pumps and I kinda liked them. Of course I didn’t say that.
“I want you to wear them tonight. And no buts. I want you to be normal for one night. Just one night.” She said and she left again. The shoes were standing on the ground and they were staring at me. I grabbed them and put them on. I felt strange and tried to walk.
“I hate pumps.” I muttered but I could walk on them. I took my mobile off the ground and saw I got a message.
“Gabrielle, are you working tonight at the café? I hope so. See ye! Damien.”
I smiled and now I really wanted to go. I walked downstairs and saw my mum. She pointed at the car and I walked to it. In a minute she arrived and together we drove to the café.
I arrived at six thirty and I didn’t see McFly anywhere. I greeted Angela, the other working girl. She nodded at me and signed me to come closer. She searched around the room and when I came closer she started to whisper.
“McFly asked for you. They’re in the backroom.” I starred at her and smiled a bit. Probably Dougie. I nodded and walked to the backroom.
Danny, Tom, Harry and Dougie sat on the couch and an anonymous man was talking to a lady. That lady was my mother. She smiled and I blushed.
“Well Fletcher, this is my daughter. Gabrielle, this is Mr. Fletcher. He’s McFly’s manager.” She said proudly. If I didn’t know that already.
“Hello sir.” I said and he said a lot of things back. I yawned and looked at the ground. My mother poked me and got an annoyed look on her face.
“You already know the boys from a few days ago. Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter.” He said and I smirked when I saw the look on my mothers face.
“Dougie! How nice to see you again! How’s your mother?” mum asked and I was ashamed of my mother. Dougie blushed and muttered something like ‘fine’.
Danny laughed and I smiled again. I felt Danny looking at me and when I caught him, he winked. I blushed and plopped down on the couch next to him.
“Danny!” Fletch said and we started laughing. We couldn’t stop and my mother got annoyed again.
“I’m so sorry, Fletch. Normally she’s all moody and dark.” She said. “Did you drink anything?”
Danny and I laughed even louder after she said that. I didn’t drink anything.
“What are you performing tonight? The same songs from the rehearsal?” I asked but Dougie shook his head.
“No.” he said shortly and I noticed him fiddling with the strings of his sweater. I didn’t care that much and for another hour I laughed with Danny.
To see her having so much fun with Danny stabbed me in the back. Her mother asked me too many things and it made me quit again. The shy and silent Dougie has returned. The boys got used of it, but Fletcher gave me weird looks. Like he was worried or something.
Ten minutes before the performance Mrs. Thompson and Gabrielle left the room. Fletcher asked me if I were ‘ok’ and I said that nothing’s wrong. Danny quickly left the room and no one knew why. In several minutes he returned with drinks.
“Boys, it’s stage time!” Fletch said and we walked to the little stage. A lot of screaming girls and I noticed Gabrielle on the first row. She winked and I smiled.
We kicked of with ‘five colours in her hair’, followed by ‘obviously’. The whole crowd could sing along and I saw Tom waving Gabi to come on stage. I shook my head but he ignored it. She climbed on stage, confused and curious. The crowd started to scream a little more and they yelled something. I could hear someone yell ‘Stupid Goth’ but Gabrielle ignored it.
“Does everybody know Gabrielle?” Tom yelled and no one responded. I smirked a little and felt sad for Gabrielle.
“Well, she arranged this and she’s an artist as well you know. She’s going to help us with out latest single. Grab a guitar girl!” he said and Gabrielle smirked too. I looked at Harry, who smirked as well.
“How come I don’t know about this?” I whispered to him.
“We told you, but you were too busy with being nervous.” He said and Gabrielle returned with her guitar. She grabbed a chair and kicked off.
“Room on the third floor
Not what we asked for
I’m not tired enough to sleep.”
She sang and Tom followed her.
“One bed is broken,
Next room is smoking,
Air conditioning’s stuck on heat.”
 He sang and then came Danny. We haven’t had so much fun in times.
“Cos at times like these remind me
that I gotta keep my feet on the ground.”
That was my line and we continued singing the ‘Na na na na’-part. The crowd sang with us and we made a little party of it.
After another two songs, ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘That Girl’, we repeated ‘Room on the Third floor’ again. And then we left to the backroom.
After half an hour Gabrielle joined us in the backroom. She closed the place up, her mother left and Fletcher did too. It was just her and us.
“You guys rocked the hell outta here! You’re really good,” she said and Danny laughed. “Why are you laughing? Haven’t you heard the people clapping? They loved you!”
She smirked and all of a sudden she hugged me.
“We’ll be friends again. Just give me some time.” She whispered and I smirked. I kissed her on the cheek and she gave me a kiss back.
“We need to go. We’re going to pack the stuff, can you help Dougie?” Tom asked and he went to the front. Harry left too and so did I.
When we put the guitars in the van, I noticed Danny wasn’t around. I didn’t worry but he could help us.
“Where’s Danny?” I asked and Harry pulled his shoulders up.
“I don’t know. Maybe he’s still chatting to Gabrielle.” He said and Tom agreed.
“They’re kind of friends now I guess. They get along…” he said and I smirked. I was glad they could get along with Gabrielle.
I went inside to get another speaker and carried it to the van again. Harry got another guitar and Tom got another speaker. We carried a lot with each other. Danny didn’t show up to help so we ignored it.
“Only the pair of drums now. We need to do that with us three.” Harry said and Tom and I agreed, again.
“Yeah, or do we need to call Danny?” I asked.
“No, let him talk to Gabi. He’s always annoying when we need to clean up.” Tom said and we laughed loudly. Still, I had a bad feeling. I didn’t know what it was. It just felt strange for me, I never had a feeling like that.
When we packed the things I walked to the backroom to call Danny. I knocked and opened the door. I had to blink a several times to realise what I saw. This can’t be true, I mean. How can they do this to me? Tom arrived and found me shivering.
“Dougie, what’s wrong?” he asked and I pointed at Danny and Gabrielle.
“They’re kissing.” I whispered and I ran away cursing.

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