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Chapter 2

Writer:: This would be chapter 2 then. I wrote this a long time ago.. Gabrielle meets a new friend and Dougie would be himself..

Chapter 2.
I was ashamed of myself. I whipped away my tears and was sitting against the door. I couldn’t hear the boys arguing and I saw my guitar standing against the wall. I grabbed it and started to hit some chords.
“Gabs, come on. Don’t be such a child,” Dougie’s voice said. “Don’t take it that way. Danny’s a bit headless. He’s not clever.”
I laughed a bit and whipped away some tears again. I stood up and opened the door. There stood Dougie, with a grin on his face.
“Don’t you grin like that. You ruined everything!” I said and I walked the room in. The other McFly-ers were still there. Crap. Now I had to apologize for my behaviour.
“I’m so sorry guys. It was too much for me. I hope y’all forgive me.” I said. Great, now I was talking crap.
The one with the beautiful, dreamy blue eyes smiled a bit.
“We understand. Dougie told us everything. It all explains his weird behaviour from the last days,” he said. “And besides all that, it isn’t our business why you didn’t like us.”
Tom smirked, so did Harry. I didn’t have a clue why but I started to like these dudes. They’re nice.
“Well, I’ll close this place and I’ll see you Friday.” I said and gave them all hugs, except for Dougie. A hug would be weird after all. I didn’t know what to do, neither did he. So we ended up shaking hands.
When they left I closed the place up. I decided to walk home instead of calling a cab. I needed to clear my mind. I thought things over. Why I still haven’t forgiven Dougie for our past and I haven’t figured out what I wanted with my life. I’m sixteen years old, almost seventeen and I still haven’t got a boyfriend yet. Was I so ugly? Is it my attitude? That could be my solution. I had to be girly and all the stuff I hated to be. This problem doesn’t have a solution; I’ll end up as an old spinster. I plugged my ears from my iPod in my ear and started to shuffle.
Soon I saw my house and reached it. My dad was outside, with mad eyes. He wasn’t happy with me, I know. When we moved I started to be a little rebel, a devil and a rock star. But anyhow, it’s their fault. They had to move here because their stupid jobs.
“What the hell are you doing to yourself?” he said and I was surprised. I didn’t expect this. I walked closer and saw mother behind him.
“You look drunk, stoned and unhappy. Did you hang out with those skaters again?” mother asked. I started to laugh. Me stoned, drunk and unhappy at the same time? No way!
“No of course not. Yes, I know it’s late and yes, I know it’s Wednesday. Just let me figure things out.” I said and I passed them. I walked upstairs and fell on my bed.
My mother came into my room and sat on my bed.
“You know, you’re always be our little girl. We’re just worried. Can’t you talk to us?” she asked and I shoke my head.
“No I can’t. I have to think things over. I’m not sure you’re ready for the truth,” I whispered. “I’m not even sure I am ready for it. So, just let me live my life and I’ll let you live yours.”
She nodded and left the room. There I was, lonely lying on my bed.
Again I thought about earlier, the history I wrote by myself.
“And who’s this lovely lady?” his mother asked. Dougie turned a bit red and I smiled. His sister Jazzy smirked.
“This is Gabrielle. She’s in my year. We’re friends.” Dougie said softly. I pushed him a bit and smirked too.
“We are best friends.” I said proud to Mrs. Poynter. I was about five years old.
“Well, that’s great,” she said. “Are ye new here?”
I shook my head and counted on my fingers. One, two, three, four, five…
“No, I live here for five years now. We met at the supermarket and then at school.”
“Did you? Dougie haven’t told me that. Well, go play then. I’ll see ye kinds later.” Mrs. Poynter said and she had this amazing big smile. I liked her already.
We went upstairs and he showed me his pets. I liked them. He was holding his lizard and I smiled a bit.
“Isn’t she gorgeous?” he said and I nodded.
“She’s beautiful. Very green.” I said and he couldn’t stop laughing anymore.
The night passed and I woke up with a bad feeling in my tummy. I read the time on my clock and saw it was 7 a.m. I had to be at school in an hour. I sighed and got out of bed.
Downstairs was mum making breakfast, while she was calling with an artist. Yes, they get up early too.
“NO! You won’t record a new album without me. Don’t you forget who your manager is!” she yelled. I smiled.
“Morning mum. Tell them I said ‘hi’. That will do them good.” I joked. My mum gave me a mad look.
“Who’s that?” the phone yelled back.
“Gabrielle says ‘hi’.” She said annoyed.
“Tell her we said ‘hi’ back,” the phone said and she continued talking about business.
I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went back upstairs. I did my hair, did my make-up and grabbed my all-stars from the ground. I ran downstairs.
I waved at dad, who was reading the newspaper. He waved back and started mumbling. That’s when I decided to go to school. I was on my way.
Someone knocked on my door. I opened it and saw Tom. He smiled a bit.
“We have to be in the studio by ten. I kinda hoped to find you dressed, but you’re not. Get dressed please.” He said and I agreed. I should get dressed.
“If you’ll leave the room, I will dress myself.” I said and he left the room. I searched for clothes and found a few things. I got my trousers, my shirt and a cap.
I appeared totally dressed downstairs. I found the boys playing X-box and I smiled.
“I thought we needed to go to the studio.” I said and Tom smiled back at me.
“Yeah, we need to go indeed. But you weren’t dressed, so it’s your fault.” He said and I wanted to throw something at him.
“Tom, why are we going to the studio? We don’t got new songs to record and our album is finished.” Danny asked and Tom didn’t answer. I was confused, so was Danny.
“Come on, let’s go.” Harry said and we went to the studio.
At the studio we found Fletch, our manager. He looked at his watch and faked an angry face. We knew he was happy to see us.
“Hey Fletch, good to see ye.” Harry said and I didn’t say anything. He and Tom started a conversation about our next album.
While we walked inside we saw an empty studio.
“Fletch, why are we here?” I asked and he turned around.
“No reason, I just wanted to talk with you about the next album. Take a seat,” he said and we all sat down. He continued. “You’re popular right now. Your album is number one. When are ye coming with a next single?”
I didn’t know the answer. We were touring around a bit. We did some gigs here and there. But hopefully Tom knew the answer.
“We’re writing a lot, but we don’t have a new single yet. We’ll let ye know when we’ve got a new single in our heads.” He said and that was it. Fletch was satisfied. We could go home…
After a day at school, I walked to the café again. I faced with all the McFly poster on the windows. I saw them everywhere, I felt miserable the whole day.
At the café everyone asked me things about McFly. I almost shouted at the people… It was the day before the performance and everyone was tense.
I made a lot of coffee that day and by the time I wanted to close up, there was this last costumer. I didn’t know him, maybe he was new in town.
 “I’m trying to close up. Can ye read the sign on the door? The one with ‘closed’ on it.” I sneered. The stranger laughed a bit and it gave me an opportunity to take a better look. He was dressed in a long, black coat and his eyes were curious and dangerous. Though, I didn’t think he was. He gave me a rich impression. I’m guessing he’s a rich dude with a good taste.
“Yes, I can read m’lady. But I’m new in town and I just want a coffee. I’ll pay anything you want.” He said with a weird accent. I tried to figure out where he’s from.
“Okay, one coffee then.” I said, while I poured some more coffee in a cup. I gave it to him and mumbled a price. He gave it to me and I felt he looked at me.
“May I ask your name m’lady?” he asked and he made me curious. Why did this stranger want to know my name? I mean, it’s just me. People don’t ask my name, because I was a nobody.
“I’m Gabrielle Thompson. But my … friends call me ‘Gabs’ or ‘Gabi’. At least they used to call me that.”
The stranger gave me a surprised look and I explained what I meant.
“I moved to London two years ago. My friends are still in Corringham. And my former best friend moved to London too without telling me. He’s famous now though. But he didn’t give me a call when he moved out of Corringham. He just showed up a couple of days ago. He didn’t even recognize me!”
The stranger smiled and I thought he knew what I meant. His strange look made me more curious and he knew it.
“That’s no good story m’lady. I’ll tell you who I am if I made you curious.” He said with a wink. “I’m Damien Christopher James the third. You can call me Mr. James if you want, but my friends say Damien to me. So what I’m asking, do you want to me a friend of me in this city?”
Now it’s my turn to give him strange looks. I presumed he was a rich guy, probably with very rich parents.
“Of course I want to be your friend.” I answered and more questions popped into my head.
“Where are you from? And why did you moved?”
“I’m from Manchester and I moved because my dad made me. I’m taking lessons here at the college. And I’m out of coffee so I’ll see you tomorrow again.”
He gave me a kiss on my hand and he made me blush. He waved too and he disappeared on the crowd streets of London. He just left me with all my questions and I even had more coming. 
I didn’t know if he was real, what if he was something of my imagination? Was I gone mad? Nah, this guy was real and he talked to me without order. He wanted to talk to me. I liked him already, without knowing what his past was. I was glad enough that I had a friend in this city full of people.
And with that feeling I went home…
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